Why Treadlighter?

Trust in our expertise

We have designed, installed and certified hundreds of Solar PV systems totalling close to three gigawatts of renewable power since 2009, but we’re far more than just solar panel, battery storage and EV chargepoint system designers and installers.

As accredited Energy Surveyors & Assessors we have the ability to look at the whole picture thereby empowering you to save energy, save money and help improve the environment by reducing your dependency on fossil fuels.

Architects, Building Services Engineers and M&Es now routinely recommend Solar PV technology to reduce carbon emissions and ensure compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations. In most cases the savings that can be made are dependent on small details of design. What sets us apart is our system design and installation experience together with our understanding of the practical issues involved in harnessing Solar PV technology in the most effective way.

We ensure that our systems comply fully with all required legislation for the off-set and reduction of CO2 emissions from the built environment.

Rely on our objectivity

We own and run our own business so we’re not tied to any one manufacturer.  Our policy of constantly researching and evaluating new technology solutions allows us to specify what is best and we’ll tell you why.

Everyone should have access to independent professional advice because this promotes informed choices. Treadlighter has a significant track record in the design, specification, installation, monitoring & maintenance of Solar PV systems for both Commercial and Residential applications.

Every property is unique

We take pride in our personal service and every customer is treated the same no matter the size of the project or the nature of the enquiry. We understand that we are only as good as our last job and we are proud of the fact that the majority of our business comes through repeat orders, referrals from fellow industry professionals and personal recommendation.

Enjoy peace of mind

As a UK Government and Trading Standards approved installer we are accredited under the MCS (Micro-generation Certification Scheme), NICEIC, OLEV, CHAS and the RECC. We are also a contributor to Which? and a Which? Trusted Trader.

We carry £5M public liability cover, provide a 2yr warranty on our workmanship and fully comply with all applicable Health & Safety legislation and codes of practice.

Everything we do is ultimately measurable so it is in our best interest to ensure that what we recommend really is the best solution for your particular circumstance.  The performance data we collect is used to continually improve our forecasting.  This allows us to be as accurate as possible and ensure that our recommendations really deliver. By monitoring this data we can assure you that your own system is performing as forecast.

Look to the long term

We ensure that what we do is cost-effective because good value for money results in good returns on investment. Solar PV solutions are the property-improvement investments that pay for themselves over and over again.

We believe passionately that making property more energy efficient is the way forward, with solar energy technologies playing a major role. Furthermore, we can do it without forcing you to change the way you live or work.

Let’s talk

Whether a large existing commercial building, new build development or existing residential property, even a brief chat will be enough to give you a good idea of what’s possible for you, how much it’s likely to cost and the on-going benefits you will enjoy.

But it’s not enough to be definitive.

Free Engineer Assessment and Survey

We focus our time and expertise on gathering the data we need to determine the Solar PV solution that will work best for you. We can work from plans and /or a site survey where we check your energy supply and roof integrity (where appropriate). We always give you the opportunity to ask all the questions you want.

No obligation quotation

The comprehensive nature of our assessment and free survey means that you can be confident that the quotation we provide has been completely thought through and is reliably accurate. It is also free of charge and totally without obligation.


Because of the care we take with the first three steps you can expect your installation to be low on hassle and high on service. The time it takes is down to the scale of the installation but as a rule of thumb, a typical Commercial scale installation is completed within 3-7 days and Residential installation 1-2 days.


It’s all about performance and we are always just as interested as you are to see that the installation is performing as forecast. After all, you demand a return on your investment and we want a satisfied customer because they make the best champions. Web monitoring is included as standard with all our systems and allows you to view your systems current and historic generation from any internet enabled device,

Leave Less of a Footprint

Like it or not, solar energy is playing an increasingly significant role in the economic viability of our built environment. We don’t have to be environmental doom mongers or tree huggers to accept that attitudes have changed.

Fossil fuel energy resources are dwindling and as the world strives for economic growth the competition to acquire what remains increases exponentially.

The responsibility on Architects, M&E’s and Contractors as well as the pressure on commercial property owners, managers and homeowners to control energy consumption comes in the way of both government legislation and the bottom line.

Whatever our individual views on the environment as a whole, controlling efficiency and utilising renewables to minimise on-going energy costs and improve asset values just makes plain common sense.

Technological developments help us build-in greater efficiency through improved insulation, lighting, heating & cooling and power optimisation systems. There are many steps we can take to control consumption but the biggest impact of all comes when we increase the energy we produce ourselves and reduce the amount of energy we need from the grid.

A healthy respect for the bottom line means we all have a responsibility to help ourselves.  A solar energy strategy has become a vital tool in separating the best from the rest.