Solar PV

How does it work?

As a Renewable Energy source, Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) panels generate electricity from daylight (Solar Irradiation).

The higher the intensity of solar irradiation the more electricity they generate so, they work on both sunny and cloudy days.

Solar electricity can be used in our Commercial and Residential buildings to reduce the amount of grid-electricity we all need to use and pay for every year.

By using less grid electricity, we also reduce our harmful carbon emissions and help the environment.

It’s no wonder then, that 90% of all renewable energy systems installed so far in the UK are Solar PV.

Flexible solutions

Solar PV arrays can be installed on virtually any roof type; they can even be ground or wall-mounted and building integrated. Panels facing due south are ideal however east – west systems are also highly productive.

Flat roofs are often particularly good sites as it is easier to optimise the panels so they capture the most solar irradiation.

Hassle Free Installation

In addition to new-build, Solar PV is an ideal retro-fit property improvement. Apart from the initial survey and the final hook-up to your mains supply, the majority work takes place outside.

Most installations are carried out within 1-5 working days so disruption is minimal and for the occupants of the property, life carries on as normal.

Commercial Solar Summary

  • Larger systems, greater economies of scale
  • Part L Building Regulation compliance
  • Greater daytime occupancy maximises grid electricity savings
  • Benefit from the Government’s SEG (Smart Export Guarantee Scheme).
  • Attractive ROI% – 6-10 year payback
  • 20 year + high yield investment
  • Low cost annual maintenance contract
  • Long equipment warranties
  • Capital Allowance off-set
  • Adds value to your building(s)
  • Reduces your organisation’s Carbon Footprint

Residential Solar Summary

  • Reduces your electricity bill
  • Benefit from the Government’s SEG (Smart Export Guarantee Scheme).
  • Protects you from grid electricity price increases
  • Attractive ROI% – 8-14 year payback
  • Long equipment warranties
  • Low on maintenance
  • Vat at only 5%
  • Reduces your Carbon Footprint & helps the Environment

The Aesthetic Choice

Panel technology has evolved. We now specify and install all black panels or in-roof panels which barely show at all. Options exist to suit virtually all types of roof surface.

We will advise you in detail on all the options available that suit your particular building.

Is it reliable?

As there are no moving parts in a Solar PV system they require only periodic maintenance and are covered by a warranty and guarantee that can be extended for a term of up to 20 years.

For larger commercial scale systems we recommend and provide an Annual Maintenance Contract. Please see our Solar PV Servicing & Maintenance section for more details.

Solar PV has come of age

Driven by increased competition and market demand, solar panel production volumes have increased worldwide and so unit costs have come down. Simply put, they are as low as they are likely to get and this means that installing a solar energy system has never been more affordable or offered better value for money.

Annual Saving off your Electricity Bill and SEG Export Payment

With a Solar PV system your building will always use any electricity produced by the Solar PV system before any additional power, required to meet the buildings instantaneous demand, is brought in from the grid.

In this way, because you are using your own electricity you will import less from the grid and so your annual electricity bill will be lower. In fact, the more solar electricity you use, the greater the saving you will make off your bill and the faster the PV system will pay back.

As commercial properties tend to use the majority of their electricity in the daytime they generally benefit from a greater saving off their annual electricity bill and higher return on investment percentage.

If high demand appliances and/or machinery are involved, bills will be even lower.

Under the Government’s SEG (Smart Export Guarantee) Scheme, both commercial and domestic system owners are paid for any electricity that is not used in their property and so flows automatically back to the grid.

The scheme is administered through electricity providers and once your system is fully installed and certified you can make an application through them. Please note you will need a Smart Meter which can record what you import from the grid and what you export.

The Green Option

Solar PV reduces your reliance on non-renewable energy sources like gas, coal and oil and secures your future against rising energy prices. At the same time, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that by using less grid electricity, you are doing your bit for the environment by cutting your emissions of harmful CO2 and thereby reducing your carbon footprint.

This in itself can be leveraged in your favour as far as occupant/employee attitudes are concerned not to mention the CSR and PR opportunities for organisations.

Planning Permission

Even in conservation areas most installations do not require planning permission, indeed local authorities are only too keen to see the community install renewable energy systems.

However, there are cases where property owners will need to seek planning approval for their project. In these cases, Treadlighter will be able to guide you through the process by assisting with the preparation and submission of your application.

If you think a Solar PV installation at your property might require planning permission, we have the knowledge and experience to help you.

Adding Value to your property

With an installed base of well over a million Solar PV systems in the UK and grid electricity prices going only one way, experts now agree that minimising grid electricity usage to produce lower running costs, ranks highly in determining property decisions. Who wouldn’t prefer to occupy an energy efficient property?