Battery Storage

Commercial and Residential Battery Storage systems can reduce your energy costs in two ways.

They allow surplus solar electricity to be stored locally and used later rather than being exported to the grid and they can store low-cost grid electricity to be stored overnight and used at more expensive times of the day.

We install battery storage systems as part of a new Solar PV installation, as a retro-fit to existing Solar PV systems or as a stand-alone cost-saving solution if you have a cheap ‘Time of Use’ tariff.

What’s involved?

Standard residential installations are usually completed in one day. This includes installing the battery and controller in a suitable space, linking to the solar PV system if there is one and connecting to the properties AC supply.

All battery systems require Internet monitoring which is achieved by linking to the properties internet router. This provides system performance data 24/7.

How do they work?

Solar Battery Systems are programmed to store rather than export excess solar energy. When the controller detects energy flowing to the grid it diverts it to the battery so then it can be used later when PV generation falls. In addition, they can be set to charge at specific times when grid electricity is cheaper to displace imported energy during times when the cost is higher.

Most systems are modular and can be expanded, by simply adding more storage units.

All storage systems are compatible with Solar PV so we can provide a solution whether you have a PV system or not and regardless of who installed the system.


What’s The Benefit?

Put simply, they allow you to reduce your annual grid-electricity costs by using more of your PV generation and, with a suitable tariff, displacing higher cost day-time grid electricity with lower cost overnight energy.

For Residential properties with a Solar PV system, we usually recommend that you consider battery storage if your system size is 2.0kWp or more or you have very low consumption (or both). However, the availability now of cheap overnight, ‘time-of-use’ tariffs means that many properties can benefit from battery storage systems.