In 2013, UK became net importers of energy for the first time since the miners’ strike in 1984. An increased reliance on foreign sources of energy does nothing for the UK in terms of strategic independence and obviously harms our balance of payments figures.

However, between 2012 and 2013, electricity generated by renewable resources increased by 30% and accounted for 15% of all electricity generated leading us to a 2% annual reduction in CO2 emissions.

These figures are even more impressive when set against the fact that our population is growing and the number of households are growing too. Despite this, Domestic energy consumption is down 9% since 2000.

This is down to several factors including

Consumer price resistance to rising energy costs

Household investment in e.g.more efficient lighting and white goods, better insulation, renewables and energy management
(based on DECC energy digest published in July 2014)

As at 28th February 2015, there are currently 662,641 independent micro-generators of renewable electricity in the UK.

The renewable energy sector is doing its bit to make the UK stronger and greener but we still have a long way to go, particularly if we are to achieve the government’s own targets for carbon emission reduction.