Jaguar Land Rover Showroom – Staples Corner, North London

Project Outline

This brand-new 8,000 square-meter statement showroom over 4 floors opened in 2020 to showcase the Jaguar Land Rover brand in new and exciting ways.

A Solar PV system was required to reduce annual grid-electricity consumption and save carbon so as to ensure compliance with both Part L of the Building Regulations and the London Plan.

To avoid loss of generation due to intermittent shading from the high balustrade surrounding the area set aside for the PV system, we designed and installed a bespoke mounting system that raises the panels 1.2m above the plane of the roof surface.

Our 19.20 kWp Solar PV system generates 15,740 kWh of electricity per annum and with virtually all the solar electricity generated used in the building, the showroom benefits by reducing its grid electricity consumption and helps the environment by saving 8.2 tons of CO2 per annum.